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At BMS International, we love when originality meets practicality and comfort.


Which is why we decided to set up our “office” in a villa at Bain Boeuf in the North of Mauritius, to take advantage of the ideal climate and location for everyday life. The offices have two separate floors:

On the first floor, there is an open space office and meeting rooms, which give us a work environment which allows fast and effective communication between the different departments. The decor of the whole space was achieved masterfully by our different teams
to reflect the different personalities.

On the ground floor, there is a “deep work” space, which can be configured differently and is perfect to be alone for solo work in comfortable seats or bean bags. It doubles as a rest area during breaks for people to relax, chat with colleagues, read and learn, or even play board games or video games.

The more daring can take a dip in the swimming pool in the gardens…

In short, a practical, friendly and inspiring work environment. And a fun one!

the BMS Team 

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