OUR storY

OUR mission


Our mission is simple:

To enable our clients to enjoy excellent products, which are genuinely useful and
exceptionally good value.

We tackle, develop and market each product we study with the obsession of giving
maximum value to our end user. Whether it is colouring pencils, a kitchen mandoline or
pillow cases, buying from a BMS International brand is the assurance of excellent quality, a
low price and a long-lasting product.

Discover our brands to see for yourself whether we 100% respect this credo �

Our story 

Everything began one June evening in 2015… 

..at a family barbecue, thanks to a cheap mandoline. Benjamin and Maxime were
complaining about how crassly useless this tool was, and it wasn’t the first time they had had
difficulty with some product or other…

So, they wanted to improve their day-to-day life and came up with an idea to do just that (not
imagining for a second that so many people would become involved in their fierce will in
such a short space of time).

After several days of discussion, research and discoveries, they decided to create and
market their own products, products which they had looked at from scratch and made better
to improve the lives of large families like theirs.

A few months later, the first products in the kitchen utensil range saw the light of day under
the “Twinzee” brand and were launched on the online sales Amazon platform in France.

They were a hit from the very first weeks of launch, as the first customers of the new brand
really liked their approach.

Encouraged by this initial success, the brothers took the risk of applying their philosophy to
other markets and other countries, where customers’ frustration was high and where it was
totally possible to find solutions.

They were successful again, and the small family company grew gradually, as more people
who believed in the crazy project of becoming a major player in e-commerce in Europe and
elsewhere in the world, came on board.

Between late 2016 and late 2018, the brands developed, the team grew and the central idea
stayed the same: to study the market to find products which could be improved, by studying
customer reviews, and then with the help of our partners and suppliers, developing
high-quality products for our customers.

There are no plans to raise investment, and the team is achieving its stratospheric objectives
by staying smart, quick and focused.

We have taken a big decision to reinforce the team in order to respond to new challenges, to
explore new markets (in particular the United States, a key area for Amazon worldwide) and
to take on the increasingly stiff competition.

The desire to be a key player in global e-commerce is still there and is still as strong as
always, giving us great potential and huge challenges to rise to over the coming years to
make BMS International a pillar of this thriving business sector!

Benjamin and Maxime