Our mission

Our mission is simple:

To allow our customers to benefit from excellent products, which are really useful to them, with an exceptional quality/price ratio.

We approach each product that we study, develop and put on sale with this obsession to give maximum value to our end customer. Whether with colored pencils, a kitchen mandolin or pillowcases, buying a BMS International brand is the assurance of excellent quality, a low price and a long life. .

Discover our brands to check for yourself that this credo is 100% respected 🙂

Our history

It all started one evening in June 2015…

..around a family barbecue, thanks to an inexpensive mandolin. Benjamin and Maxime rail against the filthy inefficiency of the utensil which is not the first to give them a hard time...

They then have the idea and the desire to improve their daily lives (without knowing that many people would soon be impacted by this fierce desire).

After several days of consultation, research and discoveries, they make the decision to create and market their own products, reviewed and corrected to make life easier for many families like theirs.

A few months later, the first products in the range of kitchen utensils were launched under the “Twinzee” brand and launched on the Amazon online sales platform in France.

Success was evident from the very first weeks, with the improvement approach being highly appreciated by the young brand's first customers.

On the strength of this first success, the brothers are betting on putting everything back into play by applying their philosophy to other markets and other countries where customer frustrations are significant and solvent.

Success is again there and the small family business is growing little by little with the arrival of people who believe in the crazy project of becoming a major player in e-commerce in Europe and around the world.

Between the end of 2016 and the end of 2018, the brands are developing, the team is growing and the main idea remains the same: study the market to find the points to be corrected thanks to customer feedback, then develop with the help of our partners. and suppliers of quality products for our customers.

No fundraising is planned and the team achieves stratospheric goals while remaining smart, fast and focused.

The strong decision to strengthen the team was taken to meet new challenges, explore new markets (especially in the United States, Amazon's stronghold in the world) and fight against increasingly fierce competition.

The desire to become a leading player in global e-commerce is intact and still as strong as on the first day, opening up great prospects and great challenges to be met over the coming years to make BMS International a pillar of this business. booming !