Who are we ?

BMS International is a young company founded in 2016 by 2 twin brothers, Benjamin and Maxime, with the fierce desire to become a major player in e-commerce in France, Europe and around the world.

In the space of 5 years, the small start-up grew exponentially, without fundraising, and strengthened with the recruitment of a shock team to support the two founders.

But that's not all…

Our history

Our brands

Brand development is essential to the growth of BMS International.

The different niches on which we bring incredible products at an excellent quality/price ratio include the kitchen, the home, the bathroom but also baby products or even creative hobbies.

Come and discover the universe of each of our brands!

Our brands

The BMS International team

This crazy adventure is possible thanks to the major asset of the company: its cosmic team!

Eclectic and varied, complementing each other perfectly by bringing together under the same gate profiles from different backgrounds (engineering, business, design schools, etc.), our team is constantly growing and improving to meet the new challenges we face. are facing.

Come discover and get to know the members of the “Team BMS” better!

The BMS team

Join us !

You too, be part of the BMS adventure! Come and join our united, intrepid and reckless team. Learn with us and bring us your strengths & assets to help us achieve our stratospheric goals.

We are waiting for you !

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